Cosmetic Gynaecology

Gynelase® is a CO2 laser that can be used for vaginal tightening and mild urinary incontinence (leaking of urine during coughing or exercise) which is common after a vaginal birth and tends to worsen with age.

In postmenopausal women, it also treats vaginal dryness and is ideal for women that are not candidates for vaginal estrogen. Rejuvenation of the vulva and skin lightening is also performed with Gynelase®.

Diamond PRP V-Shot®

Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) is obtained from your own blood. A local anaesthetic cream is applied to the genital area and then the PRP is injected into the clitoris, G-spot and around the urethra. PRP treatment improves sexual arousal, lubrication and orgasms.


Labiaplasty involves surgical trimming of the inner lips (labia minora) of the vagina. It can be done for cosmetic or functional reasons. The labia are sometimes asymmetrical, or it can cause discomfort during intercourse or physical activities.

It is often combined with a clitoral hood reduction to obtain the desired results. Labiaplasty can be done under local anaesthetic as a day procedure in the hospital.


This is a surgical procedure that repairs damage from poorly healed episiotomy scars or vaginal tears that occurs with vaginal birth. It tightens the vaginal opening, removes excess skin and provides a neat symmetrical appearance to the vagina. It can be combined with prolapse surgery.

Labial fillers

Juvederm® hyaluronic acid is injected into the outer lips (labia majora) of the vagina to add volume that decreases after childbirth and with age. It is done as an office procedure under local anaesthetic and results are immediately visible. A limited amount of filler can be injected in one session and a second session may be done 4 weeks later.

Please Note

Most cosmetic gynaecology procedures are not paid for by your medical aid at and need to be paid at your consultation. Vaginoplasty is sometimes covered by your medical aid.

Please ensure that you have had a Pap smear done within the last 6 months. Any gynaecological problems must be attended to at a separate regular gynaecology appointment with Dr Saayman or with your existing gynaecologist.